Have you ever had problems merging branches in Git? Gitonium is an opinionated Git client for MacOS that seeks to make merge conflicts less of a chore. Gitonium Icon

If you are one of those develpers who prefer your commits just so, you’ll appreciate the fine grained control over what gets staged to be committed. Gitonium supports hunk-by-hunk, and even line-by-line staging. As a bonus, if you find writing commit messages boring or tedious you can generate a commit message automatically, using machine learning. If you’re not happy with the AI-suggested commit message, then hitting CMD+r will generate a new one. And one more. Until you get one you like.

Optimized for Apple Silicon and requiring macOS Ventura 13.1 or later. Download Gitonium on the Mac App Store


Leksa is an app for iPhone and iPad that helps you turn small hard-to-read text on paper into large legible text. Leksa Icon Take a photo of any document and it gets converted into a clear and easy-to-read format, with dyslexia friendly letters. The tracking feature prevents you from losing your place in the text, and let’s you pick up right where you left off, even after taking a break. Download Leksa on the App Store